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Magnetic Colour Tests

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RI4528C Magnetic Farnsworth D15

Key Features:

* Magnets move the color discs
* Protects discs from fingerprints and soiling
* Keeps all the discs in one place
* Clear plastic cover insures accurate color perception
* Makes color testing fun!

For many years, anyone administering the Farnsworth D15, Lanthony De-saturated or Farnsworth 100 Hue Tests have complained about how patients cannot avoid touching the color discs. Further, the discs are very easy to lose, resulting with test kits becoming compromised.

Richmond Products have developed a new packaging for these products in order to solve these problems. We have magnetized the discs and encapsulated them in a sealed clear plastic box. The patient selects the discs using a magnetic pen to move them into a scoring area. When complete, scoring is easily accomplished by reading the scores through the bottom of the box. Tip the box and shake the discs into the selection area for the next patient!

Color testing becomes a game so that adults and children as young as 4 years old are much more engaged!

SET KIT: Each set includes a full compliment of discs, sealed box, the magnetic pen to move the disks, black protective pouch, instructions and laminated score card.

The 100 Hue kit includes CD with MS-Excel scoring template.

N.B. This is an excellent system and is worth of serious consideration when thinking about purchasing a D-15 Farnsworth, L'Anthony or 100 Hue colour test set. The key benefits listed above are very pertinent.

N.B. - FANSWORTH D15 AND L'ANTHONY TESTS: It is very important NOT to leave the plates exposed in strong light as the dyes can fade. Use under ordinary fluorescent or incandescent light. Keep in dark place, bag or tube when not used. Do not allow fingers to touch colours.

Product Ref:
RI4528C Magnetic Farnsworth D15 Kit
RI4540C Magnetic L'anthony 15 Desaturated Kit
RI4541R Magnetic Farnsworth 100 Hue Kit

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