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Vision Hearing Technicians Products

The New Davis Chart

 - VH_Davis_Chart.JPG

Approved test type chart for VHT
Product reference: EYTTDAVIS

  • Approved by Ministry of Health & RANZCO
  • Easy to clean*
  • Holdes to hang on wall
  • Non-reflective letters and card
  • Double sided

*Use mild dishwashing detergents.
 Don't use strong cleaning fluids or abrasives.
 Isopropyl alcohol is ok.


 Hand Held Mask Occluders

 - EY_MaskOccluder.jpg

Product reference: EYOMB/EYOMW
Available in Black and White


Near Reading Cards - for Children

 - Kay_3meterBookSet.jpg

We have an excellent selection of Near Reading Cards and Book sets for children.Kay Pictures Crowded HouseDouble sided

  • Kay Pictures 3 meter flip book chart - KAKPT3N
  • Kay Pictures Crowded House - KAKPTCR
  • Kay Pictures Reading cards - KAKPTN1/2

    Childrens Occluding glasses

     - KA_OccludingGlasses.JPG

     Available in Infant, Junior and regular sizes.


    Childrens Eye Patches

     - EzePatchNewStyle.JPG - KA_princess_Prince.jpg

    To view our large collection of eyepatches - http://eyeline.webz.co.nz/shop-product-view/cat-1/prod-17/title-childrens-eye-patches 

    Also available:

    • Stereo Tests: Butterfly, Fly and Randot
    • Colour Tests: Ishihara, Farnsworth and L'Anthony
    • Occluders - hand held and clip-on
    • Pinhole (multi pinhole) occluders
    • Computer and TV electronic magnifiers
    • Prisms
    • Vision therapy and exercise training products
    • Confrontation targets
    • Fixation sticks, cubes and lights
    • The largest range of magnifiers - see Catalogues on home page.